ConvocatoriasProduction and exhibition residency within the context of MANIFESTA 15, Barcelona

Production and exhibition residency within the context of MANIFESTA 15, Barcelona

Located inside Ha.aH art space in the Barcelona city center, Arthaus residency programs offer artists an immersive experience in their work and research.

To contribute to the visibility of emerging contemporary artists, we present two production and exhibition programs collateral to the events of Manifesta 15 Biennale. Selected artists will have the opportunity to develop and showcase their work in our Balancing Conflicts and Cure and Care residency programs, set within the framework of one of Europe’s most prestigious art events.

Barcelona, Our Context

Barcelona, Our Context

From September 8th to November 24th, 2024, our city will host Manifesta 15, centering on the themes of Balancing Conflicts, Cure and Care, and Imagining Futures. This edition aims to transform the relationship between art, culture, and society by exploring and fostering socio-ecological change.

In this dynamic setting, Ha.aH will open its doors to offer a distinctive cultural experience, inviting international visitors to explore spaces and creators beyond the official Biennale program.

In collaboration with Arthaus Residency, we will provide 12 artists with the opportunity to participate in two production and exhibition residency programs. Each project will involve practice, essay, production, and research, culminating in a collective exhibition.

These programs will each span 30 days, taking place in September and November 2024, coinciding with the Manifesta 15 schedule.

Ha.aH space for artistic creation 

We are a vibrant hub nestled in the heart of Barcelona’s Old Town, close to the art nouveau marvel, Palau de la Musica Catalana. Our 350m² venue combines workspace and exhibition area, where we host monthly events and regularly coordinate art projects with a broad network of local artists and art spaces. Our mission is to inspire creativity and foster innovation, providing a space to create, collaborate, and showcase art.

The space:

– Exhibition space with video projection capability (80 m2).

– Joint workspace with tables, chairs and sinks (75 + 43 m2).

– Meeting room with private area (20m2).

– Kitchen, bathrooms, framing and art storage areas.

All work and exhibition spaces are within the Ha.aH main space in Ciutat Vella. 


Our main goal is to advance the selected artists’ professional development by offering a space for their creative practice and experimentation, with the guidance and support of the Residency’s staff and associates. Artists in residence will produce their work during 8 days, with 2 days for exhibition assembly and 20 days open to the public.


Open call for applications: May 15th – June 15th, 2024 

Notice to selected artists: June 25th, 2024 

Balancing Conflicts program: September 2st to 30th, 2024 

  • Production of artworks: September 2nd-9th, 2024
  • Assembling: September 10th-11th, 2024
  • Exhibition: September 12th-30th, 2024

Cure and Care program: November 4th to December 2nd, 2024

  • Production of artworks: November 4th-11th, 2024
  • Assembling: November 12th-13th, 2024
  • Exhibition: November 14th-December 2nd, 202

Application Process:

Proposals for new projects and works in progress will be considered equally.  Artists working within the topics of Balancing Conflicts (September program) or Cure and Care (November program) may apply. 

Through ‘Balancing Conflicts’ we invite artists to explore ecological conflicts via art and culture, underscoring the need for a sustainable approach to societal development in relation to the dynamic, constantly evolving landscape.

The theme ‘Caring for Ourselves and Each Other’ will address the relationship between mind and body, highlighting the complexities of the human condition through visual representation or narrative, fostering empathy and understanding among different audiences and our entwined relation with the natural world.

Participants are encouraged to collaborate with local art professionals, propose talks and workshops, and learn about the sociocultural scenario in Barcelona. Our residents have the opportunity to work and participate in a range of activities such as talks, meetings and studio visits.



Twelve (12) artists will be selected to participate in two residencies (6 artists per residency). Individual artists or groups (4 people maximum) may apply. Applicants must be over 18 years old and able to present a body of work representative of at least two years of work in any contemporary art discipline (visual arts, performance, writing, poetry, music, sound art, installations, etc).


Each resident will be offered:

_Work and meeting space.

_Space for exhibition of their projects.

_Technical and curatorial assistance for the development of their projects for the collective exhibition within the context of the 15th Manifesta Biennale.

_Snacks, water, coffee, etc.

_Personalized assistance during your stay in Barcelona.

_Visits to Manifesta 15, local art galleries and artist studios.

_Invitations to artist talks and workshops.

_Access to a Spanish-English translation.

_Transportation to and from the Airport on the first and final days of the residency.


The cost of the program

1500 EUR per participant. Each artist must pay airfare to and from Barcelona; in addition, lodging, meal costs and incidental expenses incurred in the course of the residency will be the responsibility of the artist. We can make letters of invitation in case you wish to apply for outside funding to cover residency costs. 


Proposed Activities During Your Residency: 

– Development and production of the project proposed by each resident.

– Meetings open to the community, which may include portfolio reviews / exchanges, presentation of previous works, and topical lectures / presentations.

– Group visits to Manifesta 15, art spaces and workshops of local artists.

– Participation in seminars, open talks and any other activities proposed by the residency.

-Final collective exhibition of the project developed in the course of the Residency.

More info/ Contact 

Program Coordinators: Elena Molina, Patricia Kasaeva

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