Rambling with artists

To strengthen relations between the public
and the art world

In order to strengthen relationships between artists and the art public, a cocktail, good music, a light dinner and the exhibition as a backdrop. On Wednesdays and Fridays artists and agents from the Cuban art world in Barcelona will share an evening of gathering, accompanied by a Cuban-based tasting menu merged with the most international gastronomy.

Sarah Bejerano in her most architectural facet works with some of the emblematic buildings of Havana (Los Gigantes Series), giving them an almost human sense, where the calm and quiet that they transmit are presented as analogies of social stagnation. Daniel Bejerano, Cuban architect, founding member of the Architecture Section of the “Hermanos Saíz” Association, of the Faculty of Informational Design and the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, has been appointed by Roberto Segre and Emma Álvarez-Tabío as member of the generation of architects of the 80’s in Cuba.

Vladimir works with documentary photography using intrigue as a tool to contain the gaze of the spectator who seeks his own experiences in the scene. His photography focuses on his protagonists, on their mood, on the strength or weakness of their gazes. Jorge Güiro seeks form, he seeks to break with the formal and structural principles of beauty. Therefore, the urban environment has become the main raw material of his photographic work, looking for scenes of certain drama, satire and even the surreal. In his extensive production he has collected a portrait full of details, as beautiful as it is as hard, of Cuban society in the last decade.

Leandro Feal is one of the most interesting artists of the young generation of Cuban photographers. His work builds cultural imaginaries of a Cuba of renewal and exchange of airs. The anthropological foundation of his work owes much to his time at the Art of Conduct Chair directed by Tania Bruguera and focused on the empowerment of relational practices in art. Iván de la Nuez is an essayist, art critic and curator. He has been head of the Department of Cultural Activities of the CCCB and director of Exhibitions at La Virreina Center de la Imatge. Author of books such as Fantasía roja, La teoría de la retaguardia, El comunista manifiesto and Cubantropía.

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In 2012 Noelia Gómez toured Cuba for 21 days to create Siempre en Campaña a photographic collection of revolutionary posters, those giant billboards that relate, with their best clothes, striking colors and careful typography, the recent history of the country. These new messages of the Revolution contributed to forging the national identity and, although the propaganda department established the guidelines, the authorship of these posters is massive; Those who were previously only recipients were now participants in the creation of these messages for a new society.

Magaly Espinosa is an esthetician, critic and independent art curator in Havana. She is a tenured professor at the Higher Institute of Art and chairs the Theory and Criticism Section of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and the Association of Plastic Artists. Alejandro Alfonso works in street photography. Your lens has the ability to capture the psychology of the characters in your photos. Even in the most fleeting or turbulent situations, characteristics of the urban landscape, it is capable as a spectator to introduce our gaze into the eyes of its protagonists.



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