About Ha.aH space Barcelona

Welcome to Ha.aH Space, a vibrant hub for art and culture located in the heart of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona. Our 300 m² multifunctional space is dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and community engagement. At Ha.aH, artists, curators, and the public come together to explore and celebrate contemporary art in all its forms.

We provide collaborative workspaces, exhibition areas, and meeting rooms, creating an environment where experimentation and cultural exchange thrive. Through our artist residencies, workshops, and event programs, we support both emerging and established artists, offering them a platform to showcase their work and connect with a broader audience.

At Ha.aH Space we believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, challenge, and build bridges across diverse cultures and disciplines. Join us in our mission to bring art to life and cultivate new ideas.

Sant Pere Mes Alt 39, Barcelona 08003


Director + curator

Patricia G. Kasaeva

Art historian and cultural agitator with a master's degree in Urban Studies. Interested in topics related to emigration, transculturation processes, urban planning and sociology of the city. Producer, public relations, curious, intense.

Director + AiR Coordinator

Elena V. Molina

Educator, curator and cyborg living between Havana and Barcelona. I have a personal commitment to art and thought. Founder of ARTHAUS international art residency in Havana. I design educational programs for artists and cultural managers in Europe and America.

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